Immerse yourself in the history of Monaco (and Monte-Carlo) to discover its secret garden. A total immersion in their splendor, excess, glories and mysteries. We will cross the Principality of Monaco through devious paths (shortcuts, elevators, boat, etc.) to discover a real Open-Air Museum of modern art and architecture. While crossing different parks & gardens, you will also be surprised by monumental trees and rare exotic plants.

A unique and surprising itinerary to learn all about Monaco, not only the internationally renowned highlights places (Casino de Monte-Carlo, Grimaldi Palace), but also the unknown gems of the Principality.

Richly documented, this guided tour will be an opportunity for you to understand the rapid evolution of the 2nd smallest state in the world and the major transformations that have marked its history (to help you to see the evolutions, the guide will also show you old postcards). You will also witness the current pharaonic projects that continue to transform the city. Then a surprise: embark and sail aboard an authentic shuttle for an original crossing of the Port Hercule of Monaco where exceptional boats are mooring!

The hidden gems & off-the-beaten-tracks itinerary will reveal us what classic touristic excursions cannot explore: hundreds of monumental trees from all around the world and surprising beautifully preserved parks, dozens of modern sculptures and artworks transforming the Principality into a real open-air museum, fantastic and diverse architectures (often very modern) and many more stories & secrets about this unique place in the world. 



The highlights of the "Monaco Secret" tour:

  •     Hidden, unique, unknown monuments
  •     Unusual and mysterious anecdotes
  •     Real history of Monaco & Monte-Carlo
  •     The pharaonic evolution of the city illustrated by old postcards
  •     A shuttle trip across the Port of Monaco
  •     Panoramic points and secret passages
  •     A delicious tasting of unusual Monegasque specialties
  •     A local, professional and passionate guide, expert in Monaco and its hidden treasures

Pricing conditions :
* These excursions are suitable for children /families

Students rate (from 18 years old) = -20%;12-17 years old = -20% ;6-12 years old = -50%; 1 - 6 years old = - 70%